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January 6, 2017, organized by the Siukonda Henan Office of the "Siukonda Henan core customer 2016 Annual Appreciation" in Zhengzhou Jinzhi Hotel was held. Nearly 60 core dealer partners participated in the regional event, to share the Siukonda 2016 annual Henan region the joy of excellence.



Throughout the year of 2016, Henan regional market activity is extremely high, the performance is overfulfilled at the same time, also made a number of demonstration projects. Include Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd., Shangqiu Meilan Biology, Henan University Huaihe Hospital, Dancheng Friendship Hospital, Fenghua International Hotel, Sihe Paper and a series of large and medium-sized projects. To achieve such success, general manager of Henan Office Mr. Fan Haitao to the scene of the partners expressed heartfelt thanks, and the planning and outlook with 2017, access to the scene of the positive response partners.


General manager of Henan Office- Mr. Fan Haitao-4136金沙网站

In order to support the technical work of the project better, Siukonda headquarters arranged a senior technical staff, for the dealer partners to explain the Siukonda latest product technology, and on-site technical Q & A. Which covers the air purification technology, magnetic subway dedicated product technology, ultra-low temperature heat pump heating application technology, fully fit the characteristics of the regional development in Henan, for everyone to enter and in-depth relevant market provides a good technical support, effectively enhance the cooperation Partners on the Siukonda brand of confidence, for the 2017 regional development has laid a good foundation.




Headquarters senior technical staff--Wangyong