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Siukonda won the bidding of JTEKT--- adding a new medal of honor-金沙2015cc手机版下载-js55658澳门金金沙平台



         In recent days Tianjing branch was succeeding in Jtekt production workshop air conditioning project. Our company has made our products stand out from the competition with good reputation and outstanding non-standard customized technology. We provided several sets of air-cooled heat pump modular air conditioning unit for Jtekt. The highest cooling capacity of single machine reaches 96 HP.-金沙2015cc手机版下载




          JTEKT is the perfect combination of Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machine Works which continually challenges themselves to develop power steering gear system. They offer technical supports to all the movables for example automobile, shinkanse, aircraft, robot and etc. JTEKT gets world first market share in steering system industry. It is integrated with the bearing industry, machine tool industry and transmission industry. Jtekt gives a full liberty on combination of these four industries in order to become world's and systematic manufacturer. Jtekt is mainly manufactured in the machine tool industry spare parts, all kinds of steering system, transmission series products and bearings.-js55658澳门金金沙平台



         Air cooled heat pump direct expansion modular air conditioning unit has its own cold source. It is convenient to install and has simple system. It adopts direct-expansion evaporative cooling to decrease losses on refrigeration. The refrigeration effect is obvious. The outdoor unit is adopted international famous brand compressor and large air flow draught fan which is running silently in low speed. It is equipped with high efficient hydrophilic aluminum wavy fin-and-tube heat exchanger and other high quality accessories. The indoor modular air handling unit features high quality: independent patent technology particular 3- dimensional compound type cold bridge frame structure brings great mechanical strength; low air leakage rate and better in thermal insulation; Under 1000Pa test casing deformation<4mm/m which meets European Standard EN1886 D1;The minimum rate of air leakage is 0.047% which reaches above national and international standard.


         According to clients’ requirement we could achieve miscellaneous function design with modular design concept. We will select high quality components which is famous in domestic and overseas to get best performances and create suitable and high quality solutions for users.