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Martyrs posterity visited Siukonda for guidance


           After more than 20 years of professional development, Siukonda has gradually become the outstanding leader in the field of central air conditioning. Especially in high-end air conditioning applications such as medical purification, industrial constant temperature and humidity, urban rail transit, ultra low temperature central heating, nuclear air conditioning system and aircraft ground air conditioning system and so on, which possesses the industry's leading technical strength, has been praised by many users. As a representative brand enterprise in south China professional central air conditioning area, we have received close attention from all walks of life. On February 13, 2017, under the organization of the general Kaicun Huang, the Martyrs posterity visited the headquarters of Siukonda’s headquarters in Foshan, and our company was presided by the general manager, Zhanwen Cai.-3017.com



           The martyrs posterity visited Siukonda have Mao Zedong's niece Mao Xiaoqing, Zhou Enlai Zhou’s nephew Binghe Zhou, Peng Dehuai’s nephew Zhang Feng, "one armed general" He bingyan’s daughter He Beisheng and son-in-law Xie Changping. In the process of equal communication for more than an hour, the directors listened patiently to Siukonda's business reports, they fully affirmed the efforts made by Siukonda for development and the contribution to society. When it comes to Siukonda's contribution in the field of military affairs, they have aroused great interest of the directors, and provided a lot of practical suggestions for the follow-up development of the Siukonda, which more firmly to the strategic thinking of Siukonda professional development, also let Siukonda full of power for the future development.